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The honest ROI Investor Game
for Tron Blockchain

Flat 1% daily rate while the contract balance has funds. Minimal 1% maintenance fee. No fees on reinvest, no referral fees, 99% goes to the pot.

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Minimum deposit: 10 TRX ( 0 TRX available )

About this project

Investor game
with flat daily rate

Investor game is a kind of gambling, where you get payed daily income, as long as new people join the game. Nobody knows when the game stops. The Honest ROI project accepts and pay back Tron network tokens (TRX). Its smart contract guarantees fair game, because nobody , including project creators, have access to the deposited funds. You can check the contract yourself, its source code is very simple.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure that TronLink is unlocked, your account is valid and you are on the Main net. Then deposit some funds: type the amount, you want to deposit into the field right above Deposit button and press Deposit. It takes about a minute for Tron blockchain to validate your deposit. Your profit will be credited to your account every hour, you can withdraw or reinvest it.

And then spread the word about this game, the more people join, the longer game goes on, the more profit you get.

Investor game is a kind of gambling. There is no guarantee of profit, you even can lose part of your deposit if you join the game too late. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose. But Honest ROI is more safe than most similar projects because, only one percent is taken from the game for maintenance, not 30%, not 20%, not even 5%. There is no referral fees, so people that only intresting in tricking other people into the project they don't want to play theselves, can't drain the game balance.

The projects smart contract is open, verified and very straightforward. The game fairness is guaranteed by Tron network.

Tron network charge small transaction fee for every interaction with a smart contract. Every time you deposit funds, reinvest or withdraw your profit you will be charged with 0.5-1 TRX fee.

There is no such thing as whale protection in the crypto world. It doesn't matter whether somebody invests 100k in one account or creates ten acounts with 10k investment and there is no way to prevent it. For this reason any withdraw caps are inefficient too. But this project offers flat rate to everybody, so the big players have no advantage over the small ones.

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